Monday, August 30, 2010

Franconia Sculpture Park- MN

If you drive a bit outside of Minneapolis, down US Highway 8, you will come across the Franconia Sculpture Park.

I passed by this spectacle numerous times on my way to Taylor's Falls (another great hidden outdoor area in MN) but never made it a point to stop until our family trip this past month. This middle of nowhere plot of land has become host to some amazing outdoor sculpture and an active place to create. (For those of you who sculpt be sure to check out the call for artists on the website!)

Here are some images of a few of my favorite pieces:

"Evening" James Payne
I love this piece for its simplicity in construction but mostly for its dynamic use of natural light to create an ever changing experience for the viewer. I could have stayed for hours to watch the effects of the light and shadow as they altered the inner space- beautiful.

"Chaos, Telos; Order, Technomorphic"- Art Videen
This piece had a nice sound to it, it reminded me of being a kid in the summer months... it must have something to do with the water, wind, and clanking aluminum.

"Home Sweet Home" Glen Williams
mmmm.... particle board

"untitled" Rosalind Thomson
So this is where 80's sofas still look good...

(sorry I am not too sure who this is by)
Large cut out cowboys in a corn field... YES PLEASE.

"The Big Game" Kari Reardon
Clever, playful, and each time a sucker decides to interact, another quarter goes to the sculpture park! Sweet deal.

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