Monday, August 23, 2010

23 August 2010

I just wrote about this show for something Baltimore specific and thought I would post it here as well...because you never know there might be some music lovers that want to hear either of these bands.

So last week I went to a venue called the Wind Up Space to see Noble Lake play their record release and sadly last show in Baltimore for a while, as James Sarsgaard ( Noble Lake singer / songwriter ) is making the move to Chicago in a few weeks. It will be sad to see this guy leave Baltimore and not being able to see him play all the time. For those of you in the Chicago area keep your eyes and ears open for a show. Noble Lake play folk inspired music and stay true to the idea of the narrative song. Sarsgaard’s songs are tales ( and sometimes sad) about drifting, drunks, and brokenhearted love. Noble Lake just released a new record called Parting Bead, grab it and hear these songs for yourself.

I got to The Wind Up Space early enough and saw the opening band, One Hundred Dollars. One Hundred Dollars are a band from Canada who pleasantly surprised me and then some. Knowing absolutely nothing about them I really really enjoyed their set, and saw them play country music to a T. They played a handful of sad, swaying, pain filled tunes that too come from the land of the narrative. Instead of singing about the mountains and the land, Simone Schmidt ( One Hundred Dollars singer ), is concerned with political issues and writes songs about the subway tracks and city stories. If you are a fan of beautiful, aching country tunes this is the band for you.

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