Sunday, August 8, 2010

Who Am I?

August 8th 2010 HOMEWARD BOUND is underway. I wish to explore the concept of reclamation as it connects to the human spirit, using cast away dolls to represent the misfortune of society's young who are placed into foster and/or adoption system. Not only is the body of work about the hope for belonging, but the reclaiming of the damaged spirit through the nuturing love of another human being.
I have been collecting these forgotten and abandoned forms of a child's life for many years without knowing exactly why. I suspect the thought of these figures, left disgarded, which once represented the modeling tool for love and nurturing, for connected role playing of the parent to child ideal, and the playmate to the child's imagination, sparked in me a desire save the essential original spirit that embodied these figures. Many of my dolls are worn, damaged and patched. however, though they may seem unattractive and some, even frightening,they all possess, for me, a strong presence and desire to be. They all need a new home and heart to dwell in.
I have partnered with THE CHILDRENS HOME of Cincinnati for this show. I will be offering my dolls for an adoption fee, with all proceeds going to the social agency. My goal is to find caring adoptive art minded people/families for my reclaimed dolls and a gallery or event space to support this agenda.
This show is planned for a November 2010 Showing. November is National Adoption Month.

Jan Thomas
Cincinnati, Ohio


  1. This sounds great, Jan! A wonderful idea.

    My mother was adopted out of the Children's Home back in the 1930s so I have a fondness for that institution.

    See you at yoga,

  2. I love this idea, especially the part about putting them up for adoption for a fee.

    Your description reminded me of the faceless Amish dolls that I played with when I was a kid. I am not a doll kind of a girl but I liked the idea of it being anybody, different, and growing. I am sure my parents were a little freaked out about their daughter (who lived no where near an Amish community in New Mexico) demanding to play with Faceless dolls. They always seemed so peaceful and that they needed me more than those stupid "pretty" dolls.

  3. Thank you for your comments...i am actually interested in gathering stories that relate to this theme........may I use your comments, perhaps, for the show?