Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Things of childhood dreams or maybe it was nightmares...

These are the creatures that filled my imagination and hid in my closet when I was a child. I am convinced that we have met before this artist created them. I am in love with these clothing and scrap built "No Names". They take over the gallery at night... and I wouldn't believe you if you told me differently.

My first encounter with Elisabeth Higgins O'Connor's sculptures happened when visiting L.A. for the CAA conference in 2009. I came across these "No Names" at David Salow Gallery in chinatown and fell in love:
Me falling in love.

Recently these things appeared in the show Stitches at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena, CA. I was surprised and delighted to walk into the gallery and be greeted by these moody characters.

You can check out Elisabeth Higgins O'Connor here:
there are more pics of the "No Names"
The Armory Center show Stitches here:

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The idea:

We thought it would be fun to setup a group blog to showcase & share one "art thing" a day. Basically have 30 people contribute once a month on their individual assigned day- so if I was assigned the 29th I would go to the blog each month on the 29th and make a post. On the occasional 31 we would have an open post day in which anyone could share what they have. To insure daily activity please post before 9pm or I will assume that day’s responsibility.

The posts could range in theme. Things like personal art happenings
and pieces, what is going on art-wise in your area, gallery visits, a
great artist that you have come across, an interesting
article/review/book, art materials, inspirations, or anything else art
related that you want to share on your day.

We want this to be a forum in which you inspire and get inspired....
while connecting with artists you may or may not already know.

July will be a test month and August will be our first full month in action and as a group... I look forward to seeing how this whole thing evolves!


1-Curtis Erlinger
2- Nick Pena
3-Clare Torina
4- Amanda Salov
5-Dwayne Butcher
6-Leora Lutz
7-Lisa Leppa
8-Jan Thomas
9-Sarah Boyce
10-Mary Long-Postal
11-Emily Hemeyer
12-Karen Light
13-Demetri Kasperson
14-Steve Almond
21-Nicole Kuntz
22-Jonny Pez
23- Julie Benoit
24-Ben Utigard
25-Mark Alan Mueller
26-David S. East
27-Vaughn Wascovich
28-Jennifer Feld
29-Catherine Blackwell Pena
30-Jennifer Barnett Hensel