Monday, November 29, 2010

SUPERFLEX.......Check it!!!!!!!!!!!

I have always been interested in the work of Superflex which lead me to a piece they did for Prospect 1 in New Orleans a few years back. Prospect New Orleans is the premiere biennial of international contemporary art in the U.S. By showcasing new art from around the world in a setting that is both historic and culturally unique, Prospect New Orleans contributes to the revitalization of New Orleans by bringing international attention to the city's visual arts community.

For Prospect.1, which Superflex present a new work titled WHEN THE LEVEES BROKE, WE BOUGHT OUR HOUSE. Using a real-life incident involving friends of theirs, the subtext of the work is the impact that the post-Katrina flooding in New Orleans had on the world economy. Anticipating a slow down in the housing market as a result of thecatastrophe, Danish banks briefly dropped their interest rates for new mortgages, enabling the friends of Superflex to purchase a house in Denmark at a lower cost.

Their work, a photograph is on display at the Lower 9th Ward Village in New Orleans, priced $20.000, equivalent to the amount that the couple saved. When sold, the money paid for the photograph will go towards purchasing construction materials ( such as plywood, lumber, roofing felt, paint, etc.) which will be displayed within the outlined area in the ex
hibition space. The materials will then be distributed by the Lower 9th Ward Village to families in the Neighborhood.

If you are in the area you should check out Prospect 1.5 New Orleans which lasts
Nov. 6th 2010 — Feb. 19th, 2011.

Monday, November 15, 2010


The best place to watch video art online: UbuWeb
They are in a bit of a transition right now after the site was hacked, but everything will be 100% soon.

Click for video: Jean Painleve, Le Vampire, 1939-1945

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Elsewhere IS

Greensboro, North Carolina. Performed here during a tour in September with the SPORE mobile gallery. Elsewhere utilizes a former three-story antique shop or perhaps more accurately coined, hoarder menagerie owned by a deceased woman named Gloria. Seven years ago her grandson transformed this reliquary into a living museum and artist residency. Nothing leaves. Nothing enters. Nothing like it anywhere. These photos are mostly from the third floor which is only open during special events.

Perhaps a part of Gloria persists? To learn more about Elsewhere click here.

-Emily Hemeyer

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Historic Preservation Participatory Urban Intervention Art Project

ARTVULUPS hosted a participatory urban intervention art project this past Thursday during the Riverside Art Walk.
Carolyn Schutten did a great job conceptualizing the idea!! She emailed me to participate because she knows that I have experience with installation and with the public. I loved it the minute I heard about is right up my alley!

The project was "What is historic preservation?"
Participants began by asking the question, "Who decides?" what historic preservation is. They then tied the yarn from point to point toward the answer to the ending question, "What is saved?"

Participants will move through the space creating their idea of historic preservation by creating a "web" of stakeholder visions, thus making art. Hopefully people would encounter "walls" and create tangled opposing viewpoints, maybe even bump into each other in order to exemplify conflict, negotiation and compromise to really show how personal and individual values are in relation to planning and historic preservation.
There was no one answer, nor any right or wrong answers.
18 points were on display to mix and match answers:
Human Experience
Urban Planners
Too Much
Not Enough
WILD CARD - any response not there. We asked people to write down what was missing, a few that I remember were Gays, Family and Corporations. HHmmmm.
Smart Group, Riverside!!
I helped Carolyn with some nuts and bolts prior to the event, and then showed up to help engage the passer-by to participate and get their juices flowing to help create the "communication web" of yarn. The event was SO fun. People really loved it, and were very intrigued at how it looked at first glance. Once we shared with them the concept, we let them loose to start contributing to the dialog, and ultimately help build the installation.
The weather was absolutely gorgeous at a comfortable 68 degrees with an ever so soft breeze!!

My only wish is that we could do it for a longer period of time. Although it was quite ethereal and mysteriously invasive under the ambient night light, we only had 3 hours of intervention to make the piece. I think it would be great to do it again during a day-time long event and really get the visibility, participation and ultimately a bigger web created!

ARTVULUPS (Art as a Vehicle to Understand Land Use Planning and Sustainability) is dedicated to teaching planning and sustainability through art processes and learning through artistic collaboration. The first phase has just been completed!

15 artists were paired with 15 planners to create art based on the elements in the Riverside General Plan. (I am responsible for creating art regarding Air Quality).
The works will be on display at the Riverside Arts Council Projects space from December through February. In addition, there will be several public programs that will take place throughout the next year and leading up to the American Planning Conference in Santa Barbara, fall 2011.

Thanks go to the Riverside Metropolitan Museum, Teresa Woodward, Carolyn Schutten, Joe Berryhill and Miguel Vasquez. Images by Leora Lutz.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Things I Wish I Had Made Part II

donald judd
the reason i am an artist

richard deacon
i made his work for about two years
he was always better at it

eva hesse
i wish there were more of her work
for me to see

matthew barney
makes me want to be a better artist

marnie weber
so does she
goddamn i love her videos

i know that you can see the reasons why
i wish i had made these things
maybe not
but i wish i had
i wish i could

Thursday, November 4, 2010