Monday, August 2, 2010

New Piece for Le Bohneur Children's Hospital

This is the piece I just finished for Le Bonheur Children's Hospital called "Going Up". It will be permanently installed in August 2010.


The impetus for this project is inspired by the simple act of releasing balloons which happens annually at LeBonheur’s Children Hospital

GOING UP is a light box that illuminates transparent images of Le Bonheur children and their ethereal hopes, dreams, and potential. The imagery is a combination of photographs that includes children, drawings, letters, art making materials, balloons, cards, etc. All of these images are layered between 4 pieces of plexi-glass that protects and seals the imagery. Both the plexi-glass and the imagery are housed in an elaborate frame that creates a pattern of cross-contour lines in isometric perspective creating the illusion of balloons rising from the ground. Backlighting the imagery with compact LED lighting helps support the illusion of flight and provide illumination for the transparent images.

The video is an install shot from my studio...just to give an idea of scale the wall is 13' X 8.5' feet and the paper and tape behind the piece will be used as a template during the install at Le Bonheur.

Please click on the link below to watch the video.