Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thoughts on the Art World..

I have two jobs in the Art world. One, I am an art consultant for an Art and Framing company. The other, I am an Art Gallery Director at a local college gallery.

Both offer benefits, and networking opportunities to me in the "Art World".

But, the question I am always asking myself is what do I want to do with these connections? Do I want to sell my art? Others art?

When I first graduated from undergraduate school, and thrown into the 'real world' in 2004, I felt I was just trying to keep my head above water, I didn't think about where my career was going at all. But, now I realize my instincts led me to where I am now... but where do I want to go is the question?

This question coming from a good place, where I'm content in my life, but always striving for more.. more time to work on my 'work', more opportunities to show and sell.. more money.. more satisfaction.

Sometimes, I think that maybe this striving 'is' the artist in me. I meet other visual artists, writers, musicians, and they all have that hunger, for 'more'.

I remember saying to one of my professors in college, "what if I wake up one day and I can't draw anymore", and his response was, "you shouldn't be afraid that you won't be able to draw, but that you will lose your hunger."

On a side note, I had an opening last night at Thomas More College, Eva G. Farris Art Gallery. The artist was Richard Fruth, a 3-D artist, who works in Poplar, Bronze and Mixed Media. It was a great show, one that I was truly proud of curating, and hanging.

The artist thanked me after the show, and said how 'awesome' the opening was... I don't think I will ever grow tired of that.. the opportunity to share those moments with artists that I'm showing...

It was a great night in many ways, and I hope this gallery season continues to be a great one.

I can't wait for Jennifer Barnett Hensel's show next Winter 2011!

That's all for now! I hope to hear feedback, and thoughts...
Have a great Labor Weekend Everyone!
Jennifer Feld

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  1. Your professor was a smart person. I think that "hunger" or the desire for "more" is what will keep one going... to continue to carve out a path that is right for them and to stay connected to art.

    You have managed to stay connected both in creation and in curation, which can be a difficult balance. I don't think you need to choose between the two practices... they have done you well thus far!

    On a personal note/opinion: I think your natural progression is going to lead you to open your own gallery/studio/frame shop ect. You have such a good eye and the business mind/drive to do it... Just saying!

    I look forward to the show in January and to a coffee date to speak about life paths in person!