Monday, September 13, 2010


I am late posting this. I've been dealing with overload on several fronts... full-time teaching, repairing money problems that happened over the summer, and further considering and exploring my aesthetic tastes. With the exception of the financial part, I'm thankful and accepting of the other forms of over-stimulation. I seem to crave inundation despite the stress it usually causes. I'm thinking there's a good chance it's just part of my hard-wiring. So, if you're like me and feel drawn to visual
gluttony, you'll appreciate this site...

Le Dernier Cri (The Last Cry) is a publishing house and workshop in Marseilles, France that is responsible for the creation of books, comics, monographs, prints, and animated films that provide more stimulus than your eyeballs may be able to handle.

Go ahead and gorge! You can always purge later.

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