Thursday, July 22, 2010

Live Cinema

Take VJ software and hand it to an artist whose taste go beyond the bubblegum visuals that you find in most clubs and you may end up with something that is now being dubbed "Live Cinema." In a nutshell Live Cinema is live audio/visual performance. Although it can take many forms, it is mostly practiced with a computer, software, a video projector, and of course.. a live performer using a variety of controllers to present his bank of prerecorded video material to the audience.

I could say more about it, but Spanish artist Mia Makela (a.k.a SOLU) has the most complete explanation in her text, The Practice of Live Cinema (pdf)

Now, I know you're lazy like me.. and probably won't read 8 pages of critical analysis on this new artform just because I told you to... so here's the mini-doc on the scene.... It has a long intro, so bare thru it in order to get to the meat.

Finally, here's one of my favorite examples from Mia Makela. And here's kind of an idea of what it might be like see a the same performance live.

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  1. Now I just need to figure out how to embed Vimeo videos in blogspot.