Thursday, July 29, 2010

Insects on the Mind!!!!!!!!

Hello All!
My husband Nick and I just returned from a stellar trip to Seattle. We did not get to see as much art as we had hoped for but we did stumble across a little shop in the Ballard neighborhood. It was not a traditional gallery but every object was placed.......Just SO. It was truly artful and made me wish that every store arranged objects following the method of "Decisive Moments". The pictures I included are of an artist that makes insects out of human hair. While most of them are hard to tell that hair is the main ingrediant some truly give you a new appreciation for a material that we all have access to (some more than others).

Today, I discovered that a Sculpture that is an Alumni from the school that I got my graduate degree from (Ian Schneller) is working on a project with Musician Andrew Bird. Schneller makes specialized horns in which Bird plays his Violin through. Super Cool! Attached is a link about the project and a video that has insects made out of costume jewelry in it. (you should begin to see how my brain connects things)

Andrew Bird - Imitosis

Andrew Bird | MySpace Music Videos

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  1. I think I listened to Andrew play through one of Ian's horns at a performance in an old church in Buffalo. It spun around in circles, creating a Doppler effect on the violin....