Tuesday, July 27, 2010

better late than never

i just moved to espanola new mexico and i havent hooked up household internet. so im at borders in santa fe writing this post on my friends notebook thingy. im having a tough time posting pics and links, so i guess google stuff if it sounds interesting. if it doesnt sound interesting then dont.
ive been digging lots of australian contemporary indigenous art pretty much everywhere i see it. most recently at chiaroscuro gallery in santa fe... check out some images here: http://chiaroscurosantafe.com/exhibitions/40/?wid=1055
many of them combine stunning patterns, colors, positive/neg space relationships. i think they have a nice balance of creative whimsy and serious craft. some other artists that have a similar sensibility are:
emily kame kngwarreye
doreen reid nakamarra
clifford possum tjapaltjarri
elizabeth magill, james siena, and chris martin seem akin
also i saw some amazing bamboo art

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