Saturday, January 8, 2011


I have been working on The SketchBook Project on and off for the last 3 months. This is a unique show of artist's sketchbooks provided by Art House Co-Op, affliated with Brooklyn Museum of Art, NYC. Check out for more details. I thought I would post some of my pages. My assigned theme is: "I'm a Savenger". The pages are collaged bits and pieces from old magazines and snippets of items that I have saved. The sketchbook is autobiographical. The most astonishing aspect of the work is how closely my life story relates to the 1949/50 SECRETS magazine's "sensational" stories written for the ladies of the day. WOW!.......I guess I should have taken those stores seriously....could have saved myself alot of heartache!!!!


  1. Excellent Work! Is this project only in the NYC area?

  2. yeah, these are great. it makes me miss the mass quantities of collage ingredients that i used to have....i've heard about that space. they do interesting projects, but it is a lot of time to commit for donating the work to them. i think they do smaller ones too, i'll have to check it out again.