Thursday, January 6, 2011

films about art/artists

Reflecting on the past year has sent me on a vision quest.
Well, it sent me on a lapse of time watching movies either about art or with an art theme.
Does anyone remember the documentary about the Vogel's? The couple in NY with the postman's salary and apartment crammed with hundreds of pieces of minimalist and conceptual art?
Here is what has happened since then:
Vogel 50x50 - the Vogel story and an archive of their collection.
Some people/critics have noted that their collection is not that looks pretty phenomenal to me.

I recommend also The Art of the Steal
A telling documentary of civic deception and the things that people do to acquire art...

The other day I saw this little funny film with William H. Macy and Christopher Walken...they are so good in it "The Maiden Heist":

"Strange Culture" about Steven Kurtz who was detained for terrorism because he was working on art pertaining to GMO food, something the government and food industry is not obligated to inform us about...not to mention the ridiculous freedom of speech, information and expression rights that are suppressed - this is a good one to watch, too.

And in light of some personal undertakings, I was reminded of this:
Then there was "Basquiat" I saw in '96 when it came out - and I want to see the new documentary, too "The Radiant Child"....another '80's artist affiliated with Warhol was Brigid Berlin documentary "Pie in the Sky". But watch out, it is kind of depressing, yet darkly funny, too.
There are tons more, but this is enough for now. Enjoy.


  1. i just finished watching the maiden was pretty funny.

  2. Steve Kurtz and I taught at the same school (UB). When "Strange Culture" premiered, he was still undergoing his terrible trial. A year after the film (2008), the indictment for "mail and wire fraud" was ruled "insufficient on its face", in effect clearing Kurtz of a criminal charge.