Saturday, April 23, 2011

In The Playroom

I came across this series of photos by Jonathen Hobin other week. It is an interesting portrayal of current events done in a twisted but humorous way....


The Saints

Seal Heart

Boxing Day

White Nights

American Idol

A Boo Grave

Dear Leader

Spring Break

39 Lashes

Vegas wedding

The Twins

" In the Playroom is a metaphor for the impossibility of a protective space safe from the reach of modern media. The quizzical disposition of youth and the pervasive nature of the media are symbolically represented in my images through tableau-vivant re-enactments of the very current events that adults might wish to keep out of their child’s world. Just as children make a game of pretending to be adults as a way to prepare and ultimately take on these roles in later life, so too do they explore things that they hear or see, whether or not they completely understand the magnitude of the event or the implications of their play."

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